About Us

Charlie and Abby currently live in San Antonio, Ibiza

Charlie has been involved in youth work since 1999 and prior to moving out to Ibiza, led a Christian charity called “the gap*” in Sutton Coldfield, a detached youth work project, set up to reach young people with the gospel of Jesus Christ whilst investing in their lives and bridging the gap between the church and the local community.

Abby is a trained dancer and masseuse, graduating from the University of Chichester in 2009. She loves travelling, dancing and sunshine.


4 thoughts on “About Us

    • hey,

      i hear you guys are taking over at 24/7 Ibiza this season. I was out there in 2010 for a week and got to meet Brian and the crew. I am Traveling from America and will be out in San An this august and i am super excited to connect with you guys for church and everything. I am looking like i will be working DJ with my friend Arran at Club tropi. I am excited to meet you guys and see what the summer has in store!!!

      Keep Glorifying Jesus!!! It so exciting seeing what happens when we put all we have into Him!!!

      See you in Ibiza!!!


      Josh Taylor


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