A little help

Here I am again. 04.52, staring at the computer screen wondering how to sum up the night in a few brief words, and hoping to process out my head a little.

Brownie Thursday, catching up with dear friends, meeting new workers, introducing new team members, handing out the new number, praying prayers, water bottles, Batphone, vomit van, prayer room, chat chat chat…and home.

We were called to the medical centre to give a guy a lift back to his hotel. On arrival we were escorted through to the treatment room where the young lad lay on the bed, covered from head to toe in scratches and cuts. He was only in his boxers and trainers, with a huge lump on his head. However truthful his claims of who had beaten him was, he had obviously been knocked about badly – the evidence remained of the cruelty of what had happened to him. Angry and hurt, outraged at his treatment and totally confused – he just needed some help. We left him in the reception of his hotel, clutching his shredded clothes and waiting to be given his room key.

We drove a young lad back to his hotel as he was being too sick for a taxi and was staying too far to walk. En route he shared a little about his life, the sadness he lives with, the pressure he is under. Holidaying alone, having lost some of his belongings, full of remorse for getting himself in such a muddle. He just needed some help.

I’ve been learning a lot lately about bolstering the capacity, resilience and coping strategies existing in communities and individuals in response to crises and adverse situations. The idea that most people possess the abilities to help themselves and better their own lives, and they often just need the support to do that.

But tonight, there was something so vulnerable about both scenarios. Not that these guys were helpless or weak or incapable. But sometimes, even the most capable of us just need some help, just need some looking after, just need to experience a little bit of kindness.

May God bless them both as they sleep tonight. May they experience healing of their bodies and peace in their minds. And may the Helper continue to send them help when they need it the most.



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