Baby Clayton

2015-03-10 19.59.51-2

It’s 8.57am and I have been up for three hours…nappy changed twice, baby fed twice, coffee pot on, Bible read, breakfast ate…the slower winter rhythm of rest has been hijacked by the arrival of Solomon Clayton, who is currently sound asleep in his Moses basket.

The last two weeks has been amazing and life changing: Solomon was born on 6th March at 4.40am, after 18 hours of labour. Weighing in at 8lb4, he is a strong little lad, who thankfully seems to be perfectly healthy – thank you to all who prayed for his health and my pregnancy over the last 9 months.

My Mum managed to get a flight arriving on the same day as he was born, and stayed for 12 days to help us adjust and learn all things baby – we loved having her with us, and she was incredible – washing, cooking, looking after Solomon so we could sleep, and helping me recover from labour.

We are looking forward to having various family members come and visit over the next few weeks before the season begins in 6 and a half weeks time. And as I get increasingly mobile again, I’m looking forward to getting into a new routine with Solomon and working out what life looks like for me now. It’s a time of total change for me – not only new baby and all the changes he brings, but a change to my focus of the last few years, and a change in the work I now do – less ‘hands on’ in the season, and different ‘behind the scenes’. It’s great to still be able to be involved in 24-7 Ibiza, in a way that allows me to look after Solomon and continue to serve in ways that are life giving and that have become increasingly my focus in the last year anyway – mainly the support and development of the various teams we have, and development in specific aspects of the work. This season feels like an opportunity for me to step back from the intensity of it all, and take some time to think, pray, dream, get perspective, envision…and I’m curious to see how my role evolves and takes shape, in what will be a very different season for us both. And of course it is just wonderful to be able to devote most of my time to Solomon and being a Mum!

Solomon is stirring – my cue to publish this. We are loving having him – when I fell pregnant I remember feeling like I had won first prize in life. That feeling has definately remained, and we have been shown such kindness and grace to be given such an amazing gift in our son. Please continue to pray for him as he grows, and us as we learn to be parents!



3 thoughts on “Baby Clayton

  1. Congratulations guys. You’re in our prayers but I know you’ll make wonderful parents. God bless. Grace

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