January 24 Hour Prayer Day


By the time this is published, Charlie will be about half way through the first prayer hour of our first 24 hour prayer day of 2015! For those of you who may be unfamiliar with prayer days, it is really quite simple: we set aside 24 hours, decorate the prayer room, and get people to sign up for 24 ‘1 hour’ slots, so that we have 24 hours of unbroken prayer here in the prayer room in San Antonio. There is no formula for the praying, and no set way to pray. And we really enjoy them!

Unfortunately for everyone who is taking part, it was my turn to decorate the prayer room; as someone who has limited capacity in arts and crafts, the prayer room has only just escaped looking like someone has let loose a bunch of three-year-olds with crete paper and superglue and told them to express themselves…it has been a good challenge for me to think creatively in ways I wouldn’t normally, and to consider how to encourage us to pray differently.

I’m really looking forward to setting a few hours aside (ie. a few slots booked in) over the next day, to spend time with God, to talk out some of my thinking and listen for what He might want to say to me. We are at the beginning of a very exciting year – personally for myself and Charlie, and corporately as a community and in the two expressions of the work in Sa Penya and San Antonio. We are beginning to dream again, more sure than ever that God really is for us and really does want to transform and bring freedom and blessing to this island.


I walk the dog around the paseo/ promenade every day, and when I’m not spending half of it whistling and pacing round trying to retrieve Dexter the explorer from wherever he has wandered off to, I spend that time thinking, processing and praying. I realise that often when life gets busy, stressful or there is a lot to think through, I tend to look straight down at the pavement as I walk – thinking deeply and focusing on the matter at hand. But when life gives me a breather, there is not a crisis to hand and I’m not running at break-neck speed, I tend to look up, look out to the horizon, and appreciate the perspective and head space that the stunning view gives me.

Lately, I have been looking up more. I’m grateful for the pause – the moment of calm where I can lift my thoughts and prayers from the practical and functional to the visionary, and begin to dream and think big again.

Pray for us all over the next day, that we dream dreams, hear God’s voice, and grow closer to Him. At the end of this 24 hours, we want to be different, changed by what has happened in a small, simple, art-attacked prayer room in Ibiza.



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