December thoughts


With just over a week until Christmas, with many of our friends flying off for a holiday and family time in the UK, we are enjoying a slower pace and are feeling like we are ready to unwind for a bit and enjoy some Christmas rest.

We are all settled into our new flat – the boxes have been binned, the piles are spreading themselves across the different rooms, and we are slowly gathering the few bits and pieces that we need to make this new place feel like our home. About two weeks ago I sent an envelope to the new flat we are in, and I’m still waiting for it to arrive, whilst some of our friends in England have received the Christmas card I sent them at the same time…I’m trying to resist cynicism about our new address, but then a successful postal set-up would be a first for us, so maybe my expectations are realistically low…

We are SO looking forward to celebrating Christmas in Ibiza this year; mainly for the novelty, but also for the promise of rest, the lack of travelling, and for me, the lack of feeling cold. Being now over 7 months pregnant, I am growing at an alarming rate, and am beginning to tailor my pace to accommodate an increasingly heavy bump. The glowing, energetic second trimester is well and truly behind me!!

I have been spending some of my time in the last few weeks working on building the teams for next season; normally when I would be in the middle of team emails, I will, this coming year, be in the middle of giving birth, and so we have moved application deadlines forward to make the season prep possible. It has been amazing to receive so many emails from people interested in long and short term teams, and the prayer team, and already the teams are beginning to shape up.

There are still gaps on the short term teams, and we still need some more men for the long term team – so if you are interested, or know someone who is, please encourage them to fire me an email (!

It would be reasonable and understandable to feel slightly daunted at the prospect of next summer; the baby will only be about 2 months by the start of season, and now that it is back to Charlie and I being the only resident people in San An, we could feel quite overwhelmed. And sometimes I do. But there has been so much encouragement from the overwhelming interest in the teams next season, and God’s provision of amazing people to form a robust, reliable team, that I increasingly feel reassured that everything is in hand (God’s, not ours).

There is a song that has meant a lot to us during our time in Ibiza, and there is a line in it that says ‘Nobody told me the road would be easy but I don’t believe He’s brought me this far to leave me’, and perhaps that would sum up aspects of how we feel nearing the end of this year and approaching the next.

It’s reassuring also that Jesus made His arrival to earth in the midst of utter chaos in a foreign land, in dubious circumstance and to unlikely parents, amongst other questionable and concerning conditions. It makes me hopeful that, for some of us, and us here in Ibiza, in our chaotic lives, He might make His presence felt again, and that we might have the humility to recognise Him when He does. Pray that for us this Christmas.



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