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Some nights in the West End are definitely more random than others…one way to put the 24-7 Ibiza team on edge and fill them with curiosity, is to have a strong impression at the beginning of the night that God is making us aware of randomness – to look out for it and be prepared for it!

The story of Zaccheus came to mind as we started praying – a man who was so short he had to climb a tree to see Jesus over all the crowds! I imagine Jesus didn’t beckon short men out of trees every day – perhaps that was one of His more random moments… Other prayers were prayed along similar lines, that we would be aware of the strange and unusual tonight…

And surely enough…

  • Chloe and Zoe walk a guy a fair way outside of San An, to where he is certain he is staying (and believably so – his landmarks and directions made sense) – only for him to realise that he is not staying there, and to walk him back to the taxis, who knew exactly where he was staying and whisked him away immediately (over an hour later!)
  • We get a call from one of the bars to help encourage a lady with her 2 year old child (asleep in a pram), out of the West End and to her hotel. Others around were quite worried for the safety of the child, and so were we, and so we escorted her back to her hotel…walking home this mother-and-baby combo would definitely be a first for me!
  • Someone is being helped into their hotel room, and the wheelchair is momentarily left outside…when Sarah and Matt reappear out of the room, the wheelchair is gone! Hotel staff kindly search the hotel with our team and eventually locate said wheelchair and return it to the them.
  • Two of the team are requested to help the Guardia Civil as they sort out a situation between a guy and a pick-pocket…the Guardia are incredibly helpful and kind to our team, and our team remain with the police and the two guys in question until the situation is resolved.

I find that often God speaks to us and prepares us in the prayer room for what will be happening on the streets; I’m reminded again tonight to listen carefully!

I spent some time praying about people’s choices, that they would make good and Godly ones, that their choices made here would be honouring to themselves and those around them, and that we would have opportunity to influence their decision-making…not long afterwards I find myself discussing with a guy on a stag do whether going into a strip club and having a lap dance would constitute as cheating on his wife, how to deal with temptation, and as he said ‘how to make good choices here’. We talked about what would be the case if he went into the club, and if he didn’t. I don’t know what he will end up doing, but my prayer is that the conversation will have made him consider with more care, the choice he was having to make.

I felt the need to pray for street-awareness, that we would be really switched on to what is going on around us. And then when we are trying to help a drunk and sleepy guy who, as he begins to sober up, begins to act and speak aggressively,I think back to the prayer room, and make the decision to remove ourselves out of his way, and to watch and pray from a safe distance. Eventually his friends turns up, and we can leave him in the good company of this mate.

In both of these situations, I can’t help feeling like these are little moments of preparation.

Tonight has felt nothing but random, in what has happened; but it has also felt nothing but planned, prepared in advance for us to do, and that we were made ready for what was coming our way.

Abby x


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