Beginning to get busy


Photo by ell brown / CC BY / original cropped

This is one of the first of probably many 5am blog posts as I unravel my head onto the laptop and give you glimpses into life on the West End. Having just got in from nights, I find it hard to switch off and roll into bed…the dog is looking confused to say the least.

Tonight has been the busiest night on the West End for us so far this season – it was pretty much consecutive calls for the four hours we were out..I’m guessing that the sudden influx of people tonight will continue over the weekend for some of the club opening parties. There is a real excitement in the air for the clubs to open and for the season to really kick off. I think that May has been much busier this year than last year; maybe the lack of the Olympics this year and an incredibly long and cold Winter has meant that more people are coming out in search of the sun?

We helped one guy home tonight who had taken 4 ecstasy pills, and when we found him, he wasn’t feeling so good. Jillian and Matt wheel-chaired him back to his hotel and stayed with him until he was in a less vulnerable condition. While they were in the hotel lobby, after being with him for about an hour and a half, his friends suddenly appeared and took him up to his room.

It has been so good to have a few quieter weeks of chatting and praying with people, meeting new workers and bumping into friends from last year. But it feels like we are on the verge of becoming much busier in the van and with the wheelchairs…please pray for us that when helping people we will be full of kindness, patience and gentleness to whoever we meet in whatever situation they are in.

I’m absolutely loving being in the season again – I feel pretty much adjusted to nocturnal living and am really enjoying having the team out with us, as different people come and go. The prayer room is as exciting as what happens on the streets and I love hanging out with such great and hilarious worker friends on the West End. I know tiredness will come and go, and some nights will be tough, but never-the-less, this is the stuff – life-giving, faith-stirring, character-challenging, God-revealing, heart-breaking stuff…and it’s loads of fun. 

Abby x



2 thoughts on “Beginning to get busy

  1. Go for it guys! Praying for God’s richness blessings on you as you continue to reach out to the lost and the lonely xx

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